Simple Protein Pancakes … Not so Paleo style…


Rolled oats – 40g
Quinoa Flakes – 30g
Protein Powder (I used gluten free!) – 2 Scoops
Almond Milk – 80mls or 1/4 cup
Whole Egg – 1 egg
Egg White – 1 egg white
Coconut oil
Rice Malt Syrup

I combined the oats, quinoa flakes, protein powder, Almond Milk, Whole egg and egg white into a blender. Blend for a few seconds.

In the meantime I heated a non-stick pan with half a teaspoon of coconut oil. It didn’t need much time for the oil to heat up so you need to be quick!

Once I was happy with a nice thick but usable consistency, I poured the mixture into the pan. (Note: I tend to add more/less powder or quinoa flakes to make it thicker. If its too thick just add more almond milk…or even a splash of water if you like)
I prefer my pancakes thick and fluffy not flat and massive like I’m eating a pizza! So put in however much you like, let it cook for a few minutes until some bubbles appear…and then FLIP!

Because I don’t want to ruin the protein powder I’m using, I don’t like to cook these for too long in the pan.

Drizzle with rice malt syrup and serve with strawberries! Why?…because they’re awesome.. Now just eat…


Meal of the day!


Monday First of July

It’s Monday and as the excuses for laziness rolled out I thought to combat Mondayitis with this yummy Monday post workout meal.

Baked Sweet Potato, Tomato, Avocado, Carrot, and Baked Chicken Breast (It was marinated overnight in: Tumeric, Paprika, Capsicum Paste, Ginger, Lemon, Lemon zest, Nutmeg and Cinamon.)

Enjoy your week.


Not so Paleo rustic brekkie!

Cold Weather – Check

But sunny enough to sit in the sun – Check

Newspaper – Check

Scarf – Check

Hungry – Yes? Read on…


So it was one of those cold but sunny mornings and i decided that my post-workout brekkie was to be a rustic open meal.. So i found leftover cooked lentils and drumstick chicken – and came up with this delicious yet ugly brekkie..

I striped the Chicken off the bone and threw them into the pot with the left over lentils (I used two drumsticks).  The chicken had been marinated and cooked in:


mild paprika,



olive oil

and blended tomatos.



Not pretty i know..


In the interest of keeping to the idea of balanced meals I had Lentils for Carbs and Chicken for my Protein…  As for my Fats – I broke out an egg and it went a little like this..

I just cracked an egg over the top of it and covered the top of the pot for a few minutes and it was done..

Now I had originally planned to pour it out onto a plate – but it looked too good to ruin – so i just ate it from the pot..


Enjoy.. now do that crossword..

Healthy Snacks at Uni


Healthy Snacks at Uni

So it’s Friday, and as we reminisce Rebecca Black and look forward to the weekend I always run the risk of “cheating a little coz it’s the weekend…almost” … Today I’m at uni and accompanied by a can of tuna for my protein, an apple for some carbs/energy, avocado and walnuts for some yummy healthy fats…and carrots… Because they’re awesome. Happy Friday 🙂

Turmeric Turkey


I don’t know why people are so scared of cooking with Turkey.. For me it can often be boring if I don’t add something a little different. So, this is what I came up with today…and it wasn’t boring 🙂


“What on earth is that?!” You politely ask… Well then, here’s what you need..


For the Turkey:

1tsp Turmeric

1 tsp of Sweet Paprika

Some Oregano

1 slice of Turkey (here mine is 150 grams)

Coconut Oil

For the side salad:

Spinach and Rocket salad (you can get ready packets at the super market)

1 Tomato

Capsicum ( I used half) green or red

Red onion

Red Cabbage.



Let’s Get Started:

I marinate the turkey with the Turmeric and Sweet Paprika with a sprinkle of Oregano in a bowl for about 20 minutes… But if I’m in a hurry I skip the waiting process and heat up the grill!!

This is where the coconut oil comes into play. Coconut oil melts at a rather low heat…even room temperature depending on where you are, so if you warm it up a little you can use it to make the marinade stick to the meat!

HOWEVER! The oil can freeze up quickly….and then you’re left with clumps of coconut oil on meat, which is pretty ineffective I think.

***MY TIP: I heat up the bowl/plate which I marinate the meat in just a little so the oil doesn’t freeze…but not enough so the meat cooks on the plate!

Alternatively, I may use a little bit of olive oil and water to bind the marinade. ***

I then take half a teaspoon of coconut oil and oil the pan or bars on the grill I’ll use for the meat. Then I start cooking the turkey on the grill straight away for 3-4 minutes on each side on a “medium” heat, but be mindful the everyone uses different types of pans and stovetop s – so cooking times can be really different.


While that’s cooking I prepare the salad by thinly slicing the Red Onion and Cabbage and roughly chopping up the Capsicum then combine with the Spinach and Rocket in a bowl.

Serve onto a plate and drizzle with some Flax Seed Oil and sprinkle some Oregano.

Hopefully you’ve remembered to turn the turkey over to cook on its other-side and not be sidetracked by making the salad..

…But because you did remember, it’s probably time to plate up (you have been warned). Enjoy, and let me know what you thought of this meal and this post 🙂